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UK National Investigation Service - Euro-Tec Investigation Service are UK Private Investigators, BS102000 British Standard certificated. Member of Association of British Investigators, working with the Law Society. UK Private Detectives, UK Enquiry Agents, UK Solicitors Enquiry Agents, UK Process Servers, UK Paralegals. Euro-Tec Investigation Service and Litigation Support are Surrey UK based Private Investigators, Surrey Private Detectives who cover the whole of the UK and worldwide.  Euro-Tec are Investigators for business and Legal Profession Clients. Euro-Tec are UK Investigators for Solicitors & the Legal Profession UK worldwide, Euro-Tec are also known to the Legal Profession in the UK as Enquiry Agents & Solicitors Enquiry Agents. Euro-Tec based in Surrey near London are UK Process Servers providing a UK wide Process Serving capability. Euro-Tec offers a Europe wide Private Investigator service & World Wide Private Investigator service to the legal profession and business clients.


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Tracing Missing Persons -

Witness Location Service

For over 5 decades Euro-Tec has traced thousands of missing persons on behalf of Government and business clients. Our successes include the location of witnesses, beneficiaries, debtors, and those engaged in criminal acts.  

As experts in Open Source information gathering (OSINT), we are able to locate persons or organisations in the UK, Europe and beyond within the parameters of the Data Protection legislation and guidelines. If you have an address of an individual or organisation our OSINT capability also enables us to verify most UK addresses.

A unique aspect of our tracing missing persons unit is the Euro-Tec Witness Location Service. Such individuals are key to civil and criminal court actions and Public Inquiries, and our extensive expertise in this field has enabled us for many years to locate witnesses not only in the UK but across the globe. Euro-Tec’s Witness Location service provides clients with invaluable assistance in both defending/prosecuting Court cases and ensuring vital evidence is heard at Public Inquiries. Should you have a lawful basis and need to trace a witness or multiple witnesses then we can assist, and if necessary we are also able to deliver related legal documents.  Our vast experience with witness location also enables us to respond swiftly and to specific deadlines which invariably apply in these cases. Please contact us to discuss how we may assist.

Processing Personal Data: The handling and processing of personal data is of utmost importance and requires Data Processors and Controllers to conduct themselves in accordance with protocols laid down by The Data Protection Act 2018, The UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR), also the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). As experts in our field we operate strictly within all Data Protection legislation, the UK GDPR and ICO guidelines when providing our litigation support services.

Euro-Tec TRACING MISSING PERSONS  - UK Private Investigators & Detectives  HQ Surrey, London providing a UK & European Investigation Service Investigations, Process Serving, OSINT, Surveillance | Solicitors Enquiry Agents

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