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Euro-Tec Established 55 Years - UK Private Investigators & Detectives Egham, Surrey, Berkshire, providing a UK Investigations Service,Witness Tracing, Missing Persons, Surveillance, Private Clients | Solicitors Enquiry Agents

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Euro-Tec Investigation Service are UK Private Investigators, providing a UK National Investigation Service since 1968.  Euro-Tec are BS102000 British Standards Institution certificated for the Code of Practice for the Provision of Investigative Services. Members of The Institute of Professional Investigators, Association of British Investigators, Association of Crime and Intelligence Analysts and BSI. Based in Egham, Surrey Euro-Tec are UK Private Detectives, also known as Private Investigators, Enquiry Agents, Solicitors Enquiry Agents, Process Servers.  Euro-Tec Investigators are all qualified UK Legal Services Investigators. Euro-Tec Investigation Service provides Litigation Support from its Egham, Surrey, UK HQ near Windsor Berkshire, London and Heathrow Airport.  Euro-Tec’s UK wide services include tracing missing persons, witness tracing, due diligence, investigations complex and general, fraud investigations, personal injury claims, probate investigations, surveillance, open source intelligence investigations, asset reports and process serving. Euro-Tec hold Cyber Essentials certification. From our Surrey HQ, we provide our compliant, ethical and professional services nationwide to the legal profession, business clients, Government departments and private individuals. - Site designed and maintained by

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About Us

For over 55 years Euro-Tec has provided a nationwide beneficent legal support service to numerous Government Departments, Public Inquiries, business organisations and the legal profession. Formed in 1968 we are one of the longest established investigative organisations of its kind in the UK, and having gone from strength to strength we are acknowledged as experts in complex and general Investigations. Under the direction of our Senior Partner, a former Armed Forces Special Investigator and Counter Intelligence Agent, Euro-Tec is an efficiently run family business providing a personal service  supplied by professional legal services Investigators of repute, qualified and experienced in civil and criminal litigation evidence gathering. Euro-Tec’s HQ is located in Egham close to Windsor, Heathrow and London, from where we cover the whole of the UK and beyond.

Our ability, expertise and standard of business operation is validated by the fact we hold UKAS certification for the British Standards Institution (BSI) BS:102000 ‘Code of Practice for the provision of Investigative Services’, along with Cyber Essentials Certification which is part of the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Programme.  For over 5 decades, we have constantly adapted and kept pace with changing business practices and ever evolving technology, to ensure we continue to provide Clients with a legally compliant service fit for the 21st century.

An integral part of our service is confidentiality, therefore Clients can rest assured that under no circumstances will their business ever be discussed with a third party. Furthermore, we guarantee, that best practice will be applied to every assignment and that we will not engage in any activity that would compromise a client’s reputation.

Our professional charges are more cost effective than any other similar organisation - free initial consultation and quote

We are a family business dedicated to supplying a personal, professional service

Investigation service UK wide covering every county in England, Scotland and Wales, as well as extending to Europe and beyond

Euro-Tec Partners/Investigators hold formal nationally recognised Investigative Qualifications

Euro-Tec are members of The Institute of Professional Investigators and The Association of British Investigators

Euro-Tec are members of BSI (British Standards Institution) demonstrating our commitment to best practice and making excellence a habit.

Established 1968 - Confidentiality Guaranteed, Ethical, Reliable

and Professional

Certificated and fully compliant to British Standards Institution BS102000 for the Provision of Investigative Services - audited by a company accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) the National Accreditation Body for the United Kingdom appointed by government

ICO Registered and Data compliant - Cyber Essentials Certificated and registered with the Government National Cyber Security Centre who are a part of GCHQ

We operate in accordance with best practice, and a high level fully documented Code of Practice and Business Standards for the provision of Investigative Services and UK GDPR/Data Protection

All investigators are cleared by the Disclosure and Barring Service - DBS - a public body sponsored by The Home Office

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The Malthouse, off Hummer Road, Egham Surrey TW20 9BD

Telephone:     +44 (0)1344 842162


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 Euro-Tec Investigation Services - Cyber Essentials Certificated Euro-Tec Investigation Service - Surrey Berkshire UK nationwide service - BS201000 Certificated Euro-Tec Investigation Service members of Institute of Professional Investigators


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Euro-Tec Investigation Service members of the Association of British Investigators Euro-Tec Investigation Service members of British Standards Institution